American marten

(Martes americana)

Conservation Status
American marten
Photo by Laurie Wachholz
  IUCN Red List

LC - Least Concern


N5 - Secure

S4S5 - Apparently Secure to Secure


not listed


The fur (pelage) is long, thick, and yellowish-brown on the body, shading into dark brown to blackish on the legs and tail. The belly is paler. There is a buff to orangish-yellow patch on the throat and breast. The head is usually lighter in color.

Females are smaller than males.




Total length: 14 to 17

Tail: 7 to 9






Similar Species


Both young and old deciduous and coniferous forests








Up to 17 years in captivity, less in the wild


Life Cycle








Distribution Map



15, 24, 29, 30, 76.

There is a single confirmed sighting (iNaturalist) of an American marten in Minneapolis in September 2017, though that is well outside of its previously known range.




Increasingly common in northern Minnesota

  Class Mammalia (mammals)  
  Subclass Theria  
  Infraclass Eutheria (placentals)  
  Magnorder Boreoeutheria  
  Superorder Laurasiatheria  
  Order Carnivora (carnivores)  
  Suborder Caniformia (dog-like carnivores)  


Mustelidae (weasel, mink, badger, martens and others)  


Guloninae (wolverines, martens, and tayras)  


Martes (martens)  

Recent DNA studies have suggested that the traditional arrangement of family Mustelidae into two subfamilies based on morphological differences is invalid. Under this arrangement, the subfamily Mustelinae is polyphyletic (derived from more than one evolutionary ancestor.) Two molecular phylogenetic analyses in Sato et al (2004) and Koepfli et al (2008) suggest separating the family into eight subfamilies. Under this scheme, martens are placed in the subfamily Martinae. This suggestion has not been widely adopted.


Subordinate Taxa


Alaska marten (Martes americana actuosa)

American marten (Martes americana vulpina)

British Columbia marten (Martes americana abietinoides)

Eastern American pine marten (Martes americana americana)

farthest north marten (Martes americana boria)

Hudson Bay marten (Martes americana abieticola)

Humboldt marten (Martes americana humboldtensis)

Kenai Peninsula marten (Martes americana kenaiensis)

Newfoundland pine marten (Martes americana atrata)

North Labrador marten (Martes americana brumalis)

Pacific marten (Martes americana caurina)

Queen Charlotte marten (Martes americana nesophila)

Rocky Mountain marten (Martes americana origensis)

Vancouver Island marten (Martes americana vancouverensis)

Western marten (Martes americana sierrae)




Mustela americanus


Common Names


American marten

pine marten











The coat of a mammal, consisting of fur, wool, or hair, and including a soft undercoat and stiff guard hairs.


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Laurie Wachholz
  American marten    Photos



  Pine Marten 2
Chas Moonie
  Pine Marten 2  
  Pine Marten Family
David Geddes
  Pine Marten Family  

These images represent two short and steep learning curves.

The first was realising and understanding a little of the Pine Marten family that frequent our garden almost entirely at night.

The second is the adaptation and continual review of camera settings, night time lighting, and the habitat scenario.

Eventually the Martens were being photographed in some intimacy from 1.5 metres distance from inside our kitchen or sunroom.

This is a fascinating work in progress.




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  American marten (Martes americana)
The Nature Box

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Nancy Fulliam

Location: St. Paul

I sure ive been a seeing a marten in st paul east side johnson pkwy and 3rd st towards mounds park im sure of it






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