jumping spiders

(Phidippus spp.)

jumping spider (Phidippus sp.)
Photo by Mike Poeppe

Phidippus is a North American genus of jumping spider. There are currently 76 described species worldwide, all of them in North America, and at least 8 species in Minnesota. Two species have been exported to Europe. A very common species, Phidippus audax, is an important predator of agricultural crop pests.


Among the jumping spiders, Phidippus are medium-sized to very large. The entire body is covered with short black hairs (setae) and, to a lesser extent, longer black or gray hairs.

The front part of the body (cephalothorax) is high, convex, and wide, widest in the middle of the thoracic part. The area defined by the eyes (ocular quadrangle) occupies about two-fifths of the cephalothorax and is distinctly wider behind than in front. In most species it is one-third wider than long. Many species have iridescent green mouth parts (chelicerae).

The abdomen is egg-shaped. The pattern on the abdomen varies between species but is always a variation of a common type. Once the pattern is recognized, identification of the genus is almost certain. There are four pairs of light spots on a pair of dark longitudinal stripes. The second pair of spots is fused into a single large spot on most species. There are also four pairs of light lateral bands. The first band is usually joined with its opposite to form a continuous band around the front of the abdomen. The second band is usually a short oblique stripe. The third band is missing in most species, short in others. The fourth band is often attached to the third and/or fourth spots. The pattern may be partly of completely obscured, frequently so on males.

The first and fourth pairs of legs are longer than the second and third pairs. The first pair is heavy and very hairy. On the front pair, the fifth leg segment (tibia) has more than four spines on the underside.


Distribution Map



24, 29, 30, 82.

  Class Arachnida (arachnids)  


Araneae (spiders)  


Araneomorphae (typical spiders)  
  Infraorder Entelegynae (entelegyne spiders)  




Salticidae (jumping spiders)  


Salticinae (typical jumping spiders)  


  Subtribe Dendryphantina  

Subordinate Taxa








Common Names


This genus has no common name. The common name of the family Salticidae is jumping spiders, and it is used here for convenience.










The front part of the body of various arthropods, composed of the head region and the thoracic area fused together. Eyes, legs, and antennae are attached to this part.



The pair of stout mouthparts, corresponding to jaws, in arachnids and other arthropods in the subphylum Chelicerata.



A stiff, hair-like process on the outer surface of an organism. In Lepidoptera: A usually rigid bristle- or hair-like outgrowth used to sense touch. In mosses: The stalk supporting a spore-bearing capsule and supplying it with nutrients. Plural: setae.



The fourth segment of an insect leg, after the femur and before the tarsus (foot). The fifth segment of a spider leg or palp.



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Mike Poeppe


... after the rain today west of Houston, MN

    jumping spider (Phidippus sp.)   jumping spider (Phidippus sp.)  
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  Mike Poeppe

Location: Houston County, MN

... after the rain today west of Houston, MN

jumping spider (Phidippus sp.)  
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