Minnesota Harvestmen

Order Opiliones

Opiliones (harvestmen) is the order of arachnids that is characterized by having a body that appears to be a single segment and having generally very long legs.

There are 6,491 known species worldwide, though the actual number of living species is thought to be close to 10,000.

brown daddy-long-legs



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brown daddy-long-legs (Leiobunum ventricosum)


brown daddy-long-legs

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eastern daddy-long-legs (Phalangium opilio)


harvestman (order Opiliones)














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If you do not see a linked page for a harvestman in the list at left you can still upload a photo or video as an email attachment or report a sighting for that harvestman. Click on one of the buttons below and type in the common name and/or scientific name of the harvestman in your photo, video, or sighting. A new page will be created for that harvestman featuring your contribution.






Capitalization of Common Names

The 1997 version of Common Names of Insects and Related Organisms, published by the Entomological Society of America (ESA), contains only 9 spider species. Two of those are placed in the wrong family and four are unrecognized common names. The inadequate coverage of arachnids by the ICZN spurred the American Arachnological Society (AAS) to develop their own list, Common Names of Arachnids. While the ESA has no rule or guideline that addresses capitalization of common names, the AAS does. Capital letters should not be used unless 1) the name begins a sentence, then the first letter of the name should be capitalized; or 2) the common name begins with a proper name, and that proper name begins with a capital letter (place name or person’s last name). MinnesotaSeasons.com will adhere to the convention adopted by AAS.




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