Wambach WMA


Area and County

    Mahnomen County
    Northwest Minnesota

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East Unit: 79 acres

West Unit: 1,209 acres


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East Unit

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West Unit North Section


West Unit South Section

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There is a gate near the intersection of Township Road 184 (170th St.) and Township Road 45 (150th Ave.) that blocks access to the DNR public road and the WMA parking lot. On two visits in August and September of 2011 the gate was locked. On a visit in August of 2013 the gate was unlocked. If the gate is locked, park on the south side of the DNR road near the gate, being careful to avoid blocking the gate.

N47 23.882, W95 57.287

Parking Lots
N47 23.881, W95 56.569
N47 23.516, W95 56.383

Hiking Trails

No maintained trails


Deer, small game, forest game birds, pheasants, and waterfowl. See Hunting and Trapping Regulations (MN DNR) for details.

Ecological Classification Province  

Prairie Parkland Province

Ecological Classification

Red River Valley


Red River Prairie

Land Type Association(s)

Flom Till Plain

Native Plant Communities1

Aspen - (Prairie Herb) Woodland

Mesic Brush-Prairie (Northern)

Mesic Prairie (Northern)

Northern Mixed Cattail Marsh

Northern Rich Fen (Water Track)

Northern Wet Prairie

Prairie Wetland Complex

Willow - Dogwood Shrub Swamp

Ownership Minnesota DNR logo        

Minnesota DNR


Wambach Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is a 1,288-acre reserve in northwestern Minnesota. It consists of two units separated by Santee Prairie SNA. The large 1,209-acre West Unit is a mosaic of mesic prairie, shallow lakes, ponds, large areas of cattail marsh, and various wetlands. The 79-acre East Unit is mostly mesic prairie with some wet prairie and wetlands.

Deer, small game, forest game birds, pheasants, and waterfowl can be hunted here. Small white lady’s slipper (Cypripedium candidum), a species of special concern, is found here. A survey in 1994 found 12 Powesheik skipperling (Oarisma powesheik), a federally endangered butterfly, on this site. This small butterfly has not been seen in the last 10 years in Minnesota.

There is no wood routed or other sign displaying the name of this Wildlife Management Area.








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West Unit Entrance

  Wambach WMA    

DNR Public Road

  Wambach WMA    

Parking Lot

  Wambach WMA   Wambach WMA


  Wambach WMA   Wambach WMA






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Bank Swallow (Riparia riparia)

Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis tabida)

Bank Swallow

Insects and Arachnids

One insect species with conservation status in Minnesota has been seen here:



Powesheik skipperling (Oarisma powesheik)


A survey in 1994 found 12 Powesheik skipperling on this site. However, that species has not been seen in Minnesota since a possible sighting in 2012. It is presumed extirpated in the state.


monarch (Danaus plexippus)

orange sulphur (Colias eurytheme)

sword-bearing conehead (Neoconocephalus ensiger)

sword-bearing conehead


Two mammal species with conservation status in Minnesota have been seen here:



gray wolf (Canis lupus)


Special concern

moose (Alces americanus)


One plant species with conservation status in Minnesota is found here:


Special concern

small white lady’s slipper (Cypripedium candidum)


Minnesota Biodiversity Atlas Plant List


Plants frequently found in:

Aspen - (Prairie Herb) Woodland FDw34a

Mesic Brush-Prairie (Northern) UPn23a

Mesic Prairie (Northern) UPn23b

Northern Mixed Cattail Marsh MRn83

Northern Rich Fen (Water Track) OPn91

Northern Wet Prairie WPn53

Willow - Dogwood Shrub Swamp WMn82a



giant sunflower (Helianthus giganteus)

purple-stem aster (Symphyotrichum puniceum var. puniceum)

showy blue lettuce (Lactuca tatarica ssp. pulchella)

smooth blue aster (Symphyotrichum laeve)


Helianthus giganteus (giant sunflower)

Lactuca tatarica ssp. pulchella (showy blue lettuce)

Symphyotrichum laeve (smooth blue aster)

Symphyotrichum puniceum var. puniceum (purple-stem aster)





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