Minnesota Lichens


Composite Organism

Lichens are composite organisms, not individual organisms. They do not form a taxonomic group, but are found in separate lineages. They are composed of a fungus (mycobiont) and a photosynthetic partner (photobiont), usually either a green alga or a cyanobacteria. Lichens are often referred to as “lichenized fungi.” They take their scientific name from the fungal component. There are 14,000 to 20,000 species of lichens in hundreds of genera.

There are about 20,000 known species of lichens worldwide, at least 5,823 species in 805 genera in the continental United States and Canada, and at least 456 species in Minnesota.

  Field Dog Lichen  


Recent Additions

Powdered Sunshine Lichen

Powdered Sunshine Lichen (Vulpicida pinastri) is an easily recognized, widespread, and very common lichen. It occurs in northern forested areas around the globe, including Europe, Asia, and North America. It grows on the bark of conifers and birch. It is usually found no more than chest high, probably protected under snow from desiccation by winter winds.

The vegetative body is leaf-like and divided into lobes. When growing on flat surfaces, the lobes are short, and it forms a flat rosette. When growing on thin branches, the lobes are longer and more erect. The upper side is greenish-yellow or yellowish-green in sunny locations, grayish-green in shaded locations. The margins are densely covered with bright yellow reproductive granules, giving them a powdered look. This is the feature that gives the lichen its common name.

  Powdered Sunshine Lichen

Photo by Alfredo Colon

Boreal Oakmoss

Boreal Oakmoss (Evernia mesomorpha) is a common and widespread shrubby lichen. It occurs across the globe in the northern latitudes. In the United States it is restricted to the northern tier of states. In Minnesota it is common in the northern third of the state, very common in the Arrowhead region, with only scattered occurrences south to the Metro region. It is found in sunny sites in forests and woodlands. It grows on the branches of both deciduous and coniferous trees. It is relatively tolerant of pollution, which allows it to survive near urban areas.

  Bristly Beard Lichen

Photo by Luciearl

The vegetative body is shrub-like. It consists of numerous, loosely hanging, evenly forked branches. It looks something like an antler lichen but has broader branches. The branches are soft when wet, and pliable, not brittle, when dry. The upper and lower surfaces are green, wrinkled, and usually have abundant, coarse, granules. These granules are the main form vegetative reproduction. Sexual reproductive structures are rarely produced.

Boreal Oakmoss is not edible. Handling it may cause severe dermatitis.

Bristly Beard Lichen

Bristly Beard Lichen (Usnea hirta) is a very common shrubby lichen, It occurs throughout Europe and the Americas. It is common in northeast and north-central Minnesota, very common in the Arrowhead region, but completely absent from the remaining two-thirds of the state. It is found in coniferous and mixed forests growing on the bark and twigs of sick or dying coniferous trees, rarely also on birch trees, very rarely also on rock.

Bristly Beard Lichen is pale, grayish-green, yellowish-green, or blackish-gray, and is variable in shape. It may appear as a few long drooping strands; an erect, densely branched, shrub-like tuft; or a combination of the two.

  Bristly Beard Lichen

Photo by Luciearl

The main branches are unequal in length and have numerous short side branches. They are usually short, erect, and stiff when dry, limp when wet. Drooping branches, if present, are long and contorted. All branches are angular, not round, in cross section, are swollen at the base, and are often broadly forked. The base of each branch is the same color as the rest of the branch, not blackened. The surface is dull to shiny and never cracked.

Sinewed Bushy Lichen

Sinewed Bushy Lichen (Ramalina americana) is widespread and very common. It occurs in the eastern deciduous forests of the United States and southern Canada, and in the mountainous forests of Mexico. In Minnesota it is very common in the north, scattered to absent in the south. It is found on bark of old hardwood trees, usually in full sun, mostly on twigs and branches in the upper canopy but also on the trunk. It is more sensitive to air pollution than most lichens, and is absent from areas with even mild air pollution.

  Sinewed Bushy Lichen

Photo by Luciearl

Sinewed Bushy Lichen appears as a short, shrubby, yellowish-green tuft. The branches are narrow, straight-sided, flattened, solid, and strongly ridged and channeled. Yellow, disk-like, spore-producing structures are frequent and large. They appear at or close to the tips of the branches. They are usually flat but often contorted.

Hooded Sunburst Lichen

Hooded Sunburst Lichen (Oxneria fallax) is a widespread and very common lichen. It occurs throughout Europe and across North America, and is very common in Minnesota. It grows on bark on the trunks of hardwood trees in humid to moderately dry conditions. It forms rosettes up to 1½ in diameter that often fuse together into large colonies.

Hooded Sunburst Lichen is leaf-like and divided into small lobes. It is deep orange where exposed to the sun, orangish-red to reddish-orange in partially shaded areas, and pale greenish-yellow in deep shade.

  Hooded Sunburst Lichen

Photo by Alfredo Colon

Tiny, crescent-shaped slits, are formed on the margins at the tips of the lobes. Within the slits powdery, greenish-yellow clusters of cells are produced. The cell clusters are dispersed by wind and rain, and can form new rosettes when they land on a suitable surface.

Disk-like, spore-producing structures are rarely produced. When present, the disks are stalked, orange, up to in diameter, and shaped like a plate. Each disk has a ring of tissue around it that resembles the tissue of the lobes.

Other Recent Additions

Black-footed Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia stygia)

Common Rim Lichen (Lecanora pulicaris)

Brown-eyed Rim Lichen (Lecanora allophana)

Bottlebrush Shield Lichen (Parmelia squarrosa)

Trumpet Lichen (Cladonia fimbriata)

Membranous Pelt Lichen (Peltigera membranacea)

Scaly Dog Pelt Lichen (Peltigera praetextata)

Scaly Pelt Lichen (Peltigera lepidophora)

  Bottlebrush Shield Lichen

Photo by Luciearl


This list includes only lichens that have been recorded in Minnesota, but not all of the lichens found in Minnesota.



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Abrading Ring Lichen (Arctoparmelia subcentrifuga)








American Starburst Lichen


Acutetip Cup Lichen (Cladonia acuminata)


Alder Needle Lichen (Phaeocalicium compressulum)


Alder Stickpin Lichen (Stenocybe pullatula)


Alpine Pore Lichen (Pertusaria alpina)


Alternating Dog Lichen (Peltigera didactyla)

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American Starburst Lichen (Imshaugia placorodia)


American Sunken Disc Lichen (Aspicilia americana)


Angel’s Hair Lichen (Ramalina thrausta)


Antlered Powderhorn (Cladonia subulata)


Appalachian Powdered-Rim (Lecanora appalachensis)


Appalachian Speckled Shield Lichen (Punctelia appalachensis)


Areolate Rock Pimple Lichen (Staurothele areolata)


Arnold’s Button Lichen (Buellia arnoldii)


Arnold’s Parmotrema Lichen (Parmotrema arnoldii)


Auburn Firedot Lichen (Leproplaca cirrochroa)


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Baby Camouflage Lichen (Montanelia trabeculata)

































Black-footed Reindeer Lichen












Boreal Oakmoss

Bottlebrush Frost Lichen

Bottlebrush Shield Lichen

Bristly Beard Lichen

British Soldiers





Brown-eyed Rim Lichen


Baby Powderhorn Lichen (Cladonia norvegica)


Bachman's Jelly Lichen (Enchylium bachmanianum)


Baglietto’s dotted lichen (Bacidia bagliettoana)


Bean-spored Rim Lichen (Lecania dubitans)


Beard Lichens (Usnea spp.)


Bearded Jellyskin Lichen (Leptogium saturninum)


Beautiful Blistered Jelly Lichen (Collema pulcellum)


Beech Dimple Lichen (Gyalecta fagicola)


Beech Rim Lichen (Lecanora glabrata)


Bering Dot Lichen (Mycobilimbia berengeriana)


Bighorn Lichen (Cladonia cornuta)


Birchbark Dot Lichen (Leptorhaphis epidermidis)


Birdnest Jellyskin Lichen (Scytinium tenuissimum)


Bitter Wart Lichen (Lepra amara)


Black and White Firedot Lichen (Caloplaca atroalba)


Black Disc Lichen (Buellia nigra)


Black Rock Lichen (Lichenothelia scopularia)


Black Rock Licorice Lichen (Lichinella nigritella)


Black Sheet Lichen (Parmotrema reticulatum)


Black Stubble Lichen (Calicium abietinum)


Black Woodscript Lichen (Xylographa parallela)


Blackberry Scale Lichen (Psora globifera)


Black-bordered Shingle Lichen (Parmeliella thriptophylla)


Black-eye Lichen (Tephromela atra)

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Black-footed Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia stygia)


Blacksaddle Pelt Lichen (Peltigera neckeri)


Blackthread Lichen (Placynthium nigrum)


Blistered Rock Tripe (Umbilicaria hyperborea)


Bloody Beard Lichen (Usnea mutabilis)


Bloody Multi-Spored Lichen (Strangospora microhaema)


Bloody-heart Lichen (Mycoblastus sanguinarius)


Blue Jellyskin (Leptogium cyanescens)


Blue-gray Rosette Lichen (Physcia caesia)


Board Lichen (Trapeliopsis flexuosa)


Bolander’s Peltula Lichen (Peltula bolanderi)


Boreal Cup Lichen (Cladonia borealis)

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Boreal Oakmoss (Evernia mesomorpha)


Boreal Orange Lichen (Lendemeriella borealis)


Boreal Single-spored Map Lichen (Rhizocarpon grande)


Boreal Tree Firedot (Caloplaca ahtii)

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Bottlebrush Frost Lichen (Physconia detersa)

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Bottlebrush Shield Lichen (Parmelia squarrosa)


Branching Pixie Pebblehorn Lichen (Cladonia decorticata)


branching speck lichen (Placopyrenium fuscellum)

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Bristly Beard Lichen (Usnea hirta)

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British Soldiers (Cladonia cristatella)


Broadleaf Blistered Jelly Lichen (Collema nigrescens)


Brook Stippleback Lichen (Dermatocarpon luridum)


Brown Beter Lichen (Baeomyces rufus)


Brown Cobblestone Lichen (Acarospora fuscata)


Brown Stipplescale Lichen (Clavascidium lacinulatum)


Brown-eyed Camouflage Lichen (Melanelia subolivacea)

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Brown-eyed Rim Lichen (Lecanora allophana)


Brown-gray Moss-shingle Lichen (Protopannaria pezizoides)


Brown-head Stubble Lichen (Chaenotheca brunneola)


Bumpy Rim Lichen (Lecanora hybocarpa)


Burred Horsehair Lichen (Bryoria furcellata)


button lichen (Chrismofulvea dialyta)


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Canary Stubble Lichen (Chaenotheca chrysocephala)




Can-of-worms Lichen















Common Antler Lichen

Common Greenshield Lichen

Common Powderhorn



Candleflame Lichen (Candelaria concolor)


Candy Lichen (Icmadophila ericetorum)

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Can-of-worms Lichen (Stictis urceolatum)


Carpathian Disc Lichen (Lecidella carpathica)


Cavern Beard Lichen (Usnea cavernosa)


Cherry-laurel Dot Lichen (Bacidia laurocerasi)


Chestnut Wrinkle Lichen (Tuckermanopsis sepincola)


Chicita’s Sea Storm Lichen (Cetrelia chicitae)


Chocolate Rim Lichen (Protoparmelia badia)


Cinder Lichen (Aspicilia cinerea)


City Dot Lichen (Scoliciosporum chlorococcum)


Clear-spored Rash Lichen (Lithothelium hyalosporum)


comma lichen (Arthonia clemens)


comma lichen (Arthonia fuliginosa)


comma lichen (Arthonia punctiformis)

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Common Antler Lichen (Pseudevernia consocians)


Common Button Lichen (Buellia erubescens)


Common Button Lichen (Buellia stillingiana)


Common Chocolate Chip Lichen (Solorina saccata)


Common Clam Lichen (Hypocenomyce scalaris)


Common Goldspeck (Candelariella vitellina)

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Common Greenshield Lichen (Flavoparmelia caperata)

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Common Powderhorn (Cladonia coniocraea)


Common Rim Lichen (Lecanora pulicaris)


Common Stippleback Lichen (Dermatocarpon miniatum)


Common Sunburst Lichen (Xanthoria parietina)


Common Toadskin Lichen (Lasallia papulosa)


Common Tree Firedot Lichen (Caloplaca holocarpa)


Concentric Pelt Lichen (Peltigera elisabethae)


Concentric Ring Lichen (Arctoparmelia centrifuga)


Conglomerate Jelly Lichen (Enchylium conglomeratum)


Consociate Wart Lichen (Pertusaria consocians)


Contorted Birchbark Dot Lichen (Leptorhaphis contorta)


Crater Lichen (Diploschistes scruposus)


Crazy Scale Lichen (Cladonia turgida)


Creamy Pert Lichen (Pertusaria leioplaca)


Crumpled Rag Lichen (Platismatia tuckermanii)


Crumpled Rock Tarpaper Lichen (Lathagrium fuscovirens)


Cumberland Rock Shield (Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia)


Cup Lichen (Cladonia peziziformis)


Curly Jellyskin Lichen (Scytinium teretiusculum)


Cylindrical Powderhorn (Cladonia cylindrica)


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Dark Brown Cobblestone Lichen (Acarospora badiofusca)



Dark Dot Lichen (Micarea melaena)


Didymous Comma Lichen (Arthonia didyma)


Dimpled Camouflage Lichen (Montanelia tominii)


Diverse Porpidia Lichen (Porpidia contraponenda)


Dog Pelt Lichen (Peltigera canina)


dot lichen (Biatora pycnidiata)


Dragon Horn (Cladonia squamosa)


Drenched Map Lichen (Rhizocarpon lavatum)


Dust Lichens (Lepraria sp.)


Dusted White-Rim (Lecanora chlarotera)


Dusty Cobblestone Lichen (Acarospora americana)


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Easter Foam Lichen (Stereocaulon paschale)

Eastern Candlewax Lichen

Eastern Speckled Shield Lichen

Elegant Sunburst Lichen

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Eastern Candlewax Lichen (Ahtiana aurescens)

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Eastern Speckled Shield Lichen (Punctelia bolliana)


Efflorescent Dot Lichen (Biatora efflorescens)

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Elegant Sunburst Lichen (Xanthoria elegans)


Elf Ears Lichen (Normandina pulchella)


English Parasite Needle Lichen (Sphinctrina anglica)


Epigeal Clot Lichen (Thrombium epigaeum)


Excrescent Pepper-spore Lichen (Rinodina excrescens)


Eyed Mossthorns Lichen (Polychidium muscicola)


Eyed Rockgorgon Lichen (Synalissa ramulosa)


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Fairy Pins (Phaeocalicium polyporaeum)










Felt Horn Lichen (Cladonia phyllophora)

Field Dog Lichen


False-Abrasion Rim Lichen (Lecanora pseudistera)


False Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia wainioi)


False Sunken Disk Lichen (Megaspora verrucosa)


Fan Lichen (Peltigera venosa)


Fan Ramalina (Ramalina sinensis)


Farinose Cartilage Lichen (Ramalina farinacea)


Farinose Cup Lichen (Cladonia farinacea)


Fayette Wart Lichen (Verrucaria fayettensis)

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Felt Horn Lichen (Cladonia phyllophora)

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Field Dog Lichen (Peltigera rufescens)


Field Dot Lichen (Sarcosagium campestre)


Finger Cup Lichen (Cladonia digitata)


Fingered Moon Lichen (Sticta beauvoisii)


firedot lichen (Caloplaca brunneola)


firedot lichen (Caloplaca lignicola)


firedot lichen (Caloplaca soralifera)


firedot lichen (Caloplaca spp.)


firedot lichen (Caloplaca stellata)


Fishbone Beard Lichen (Usnea filipendula)


Flaking Tarpaper Lichen (Collema flaccidum)


Flat-fruited Pelt Lichen (Peltigera horizontalis)


Flattened Disc Lichen (Lecidea plana)


Fleeing Disc Lichen (Lecidella effugiens)


Flexuous Boulder Lichen (Porpidia speirea)


Fluffy Dust Lichen (Lepraria finkii)


Forest Punch Lichen (Anisomeridium biforme)


Four-celled Moss-Dot (Mycobilimbia tetramera)


Frayed Ramalina Lichen (Ramalina roesleri)


Freckled Pelt Lichen (Peltigera aphthosa)


Frey’s Pepper-spore Lichen (Rinodina freyi)


Fringed Candleflame Lichen (Candelaria fibrosa)


Fringed Kidney Lichen (Nephroma helveticum)


Frog Stubble Lichen (Chaenotheca trichialis)


frost lichen (Physconia grumosa)


Frosted Grain-spored Lichen (Sarcogyne regularis)


Frosted Rim Lichen (Lecanora caesiorubella)


Frosted Rock Tripe (Umbilicaria americana)


Frosty-rimmed Dot Lichen (Bacidia rubella)


Fused Rim Lichen (Lecanora symmicta)


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Gold Dust Lichen (Chrysothrix candelaris)






















Green Reindeer Lichen


Golden Dot Lichen (Arthrorhaphis citrinella)


Golden Moonglow Lichen (Dimelaena oreina)


Granite Firedot Lichen (Rufoplaca arenaria)


Granite-speck Rim Lichen (Lecanora polytropa)


Granular Jellyskin Lichen (Leptogium byssinum)


Granular Mottled-disk Lichen (Trapeliopsis granulosa)


Gray Horsehair Lichen (Bryoria capillaris)


Gray Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia rangiferina)


Gray Starburst Lichen (Parmeliopsis hyperopta)


Gray’s Cup Lichen (Cladonia grayi)


Gray-aspic Pepper-spore Lichen (Rinodina tephraspis)


Gray-green Disc Lichen (Lecidella elaeochroma)


Grayish Green Map Lichen (Rhizocarpon cinereovirens)


Greater Sulphur-cup Lichen (Cladonia sulphurina)


Green Dot Lichen (Micarea prasina)

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Green Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia mitis)


Green Starburst Lichen (Parmeliopsis ambigua)


Greenish Mottled-disk Lichen (Trapeliopsis viridescens)


Greenish Yellow Rim Lichen (Lecanora varia)


Greenpea Mushroom Lichen (Omphalina umbellifera)


Gritty British Soldiers Lichen (Cladonia floerkeana)


Gritty Pixie-cup Lichen (Cladonia merochlorophaea)


Ground Frost Lichen (Physconia muscigena)


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Hagen’s Rim Lichen (Lecanora hagenii)

Hammered Shield Lichen







Hooded Sunburst Lichen

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Hammered Shield Lichen (Parmelia sulcata)


Hanging Fringe Lichen (Anaptychia crinalis)


Hertel’s Porpidia Lichen (Porpidia cinereoatra)


Hidden Goldspeck Lichen (Candelariella aurella)


Hoary Rosette Lichen (Physcia aipolia)


Hollow Shell Lichen (Acrocordia cavata)


Hooded Rosette Lichen (Physcia adscendens)

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Hooded Sunburst Lichen (Oxneria fallax)


Hooded Tube Lichen (Hypogymnia physodes)


Humble Pixie-cup Lichen (Cladonia humilis)


Hypnotic Moss-Dot Lichen (Bryobilimbia hypnorum)


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Iceland Lichen (Cetraria ericetorum)


Imshaug’s Rim Lichen (Lecanora imshaugii)


Intricate Rim Lichen (Lecanora intricata)


Inundated Speck Lichen (Verrucaria margacea)


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Jelly Flakes Lichen (Lathagrium undulatum)



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Kirschsteiniothelia Lichen (Kirschsteiniothelia aethiops)



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Lakezone Lichen (Staurothele fissa)















































Lipstick Powderhorn


Lapland Beard Lichen (Usnea perplexans)


Laurer’s Thelocarpon Lichen (Thelocarpon laureri)


Lesser Sulphur-cup Lichen (Cladonia deformis)


lichen (Anema tumidulum)


lichen (Bagliettoa baldensis)


lichen (Caloplaca parvula)


lichen (Chaenothecopsis penningtonensis)


lichen (Cresponea chloroconia)


lichen (Eopyrenula intermedia)


lichen (Gyalecta truncigena)


lichen (Hymenelia epulotica)


lichen (Lambiella caeca)


lichen (Leptogium apalachense)


lichen (Lichenoconium erodens)


lichen (Lichenoconium lecanorae)


lichen (Lichenoconium usneae)


lichen (Lichenopeltella peltigericola)


lichen (Lichinella cribellifera)


lichen (Marchandiomyces corallinus)


lichen (Micarea nowakii)


lichen (Muellerella lichenicola)


lichen (Myriolecis albescens)


lichen (Myriolecis crenulata)


lichen (Myriolecis fugiens)


lichen (Myriolecis invadens)


lichen (Myriolecis semipallida)


lichen (Myriolecis torrida)


lichen (Naetrocymbe punctiformis)


lichen (Parmelia stictica)


lichen (Phaeophyscia chloantha)


lichen (Placopyrenium fuscellum)


lichen (Pterygiopsis umbilicata)


lichen (Ramboldia elabens)


lichen (Sphinctrina turbinata)


lichen (Squamulea galactophylla)


lichen (Thelocarpon epibolum)


lichen (Vouauxiomyces truncatus)


lichen (Xanthocarpia crenulatella)

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Lipstick Powderhorn (Cladonia macilenta)


Lock-sheet Pimple Lichen (Strigula stigmatella)


Long-bearded Jellyskin Lichen (Leptogium burnetiae)


Lustrous Camouflage Lichen (Melanohalea exasperatula)


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Macoun’s Wart Lichen (Pertusaria macounii)




















Membranous Pelt Lichen


Major Stickpin Lichen (Stenocybe major)


Many-forked Cladonia (Cladonia furcata)


Many-fruited Pelt Lichen (Peltigera polydactylon)


Many-pored Punch Lichen (Anisomeridium polypori)


Many-spored Rim Lichen (Myriolecis sambuci)


map lichen (Rhizocarpon rubescens)


map lichen (Rhizocarpon subgeminatum)


Mapledust Lichen (Lecanora thysanophora)


Mealy Camouflage Lichen (Montanelia disjuncta)


Mealy Firedot Lichen (Flavoplaca citrina)


Mealy Forked Cladonia (Cladonia scabriuscula)


Mealy Pixie Cup (Cladonia chlorophaea)


Mealy Rim Lichen (Lecanora strobilina)


Mealy-rimmed Shingle Lichen (Pannaria conoplea)

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Membranous Pelt Lichen (Peltigera membranacea)


Methuselah’s Beard Lichen (Usnea longissima)


Mexican Saucer Lichen (Ochrolechia mexicana)


Miner’s Stubble Lichen (Chaenotheca stemonea)


Moosehair Lichen (Bryoria trichodes)


Mortar Rim Lichen (Lecanora dispersa)


Moss Shingle Lichen (Fuscopannaria praetermissa)


Mossy Firedot Lichen (Caloplaca grimmiae)


Mottled Ruffle Lichen (Parmotrema subtinctorium)


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Naegel’s Rim Lichen (Lecania naegelii)



Naked Kidney Lichen (Nephroma bellum)


Narrow Ink Lichen (Placynthium stenophyllum)


Neglected Blister Lichen (Toninia squalida)


Nipple-like Black Bump Lichen (Henrica theleodes)


Nordic Rim Lichen (Lecanora subintricata)


Notaris’ Soot Lichen (Cyphelium notarisii)


Nylander’s Tile Lichen (Lecidea nylanderi)


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Old-Growth Clam Lichen (Xylopsora friesii)


One-leaf Ribbon Lichen (Ramalina unifolia)


Opinicon Rock-posy Lichen (Rhizoplaca opiniconensis)


Orange Dimple Lichen (Coenogonium luteum)


Orange Resin Dots (Sarea resinae)


Orange Rock Posy (Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca)


Orange-Dust Firedot Lichen (Caloplaca microphyllina)


Orange-tinted Fringe Lichen (Heterodermia obscurata)


Organ-pipe Lichen (Cladonia crispata)


Oxford Orange Lichen (Rufoplaca oxfordensis)


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Pale-footed Horsehair Lichen (Bryoria fuscescens)
























Pin-cushion Sunburst Lichen


















Powdered Sunshine Lichen

Powder-edged Speckled Greenshield


Pallid Saucer Lichen (Ochrolechia pseudopallescens)


Parasitic Button Lichen (Buellia badia)


Parasitic Firedot Lichen (Erichansenia epithallina)


Pea-green Shield Lichen (Parmelia fraudans)


Pear Tar-spot Lichen (Placynthiella uliginosa)


Pebble Lichen (Trapelia involuta)


Pebbled Pixie Cup (Cladonia pyxidata)


Peg Lichen (Cladonia polycarpoides)


Peltate Rimmed Navel Lichen (Protoparmeliopsis peltata)


Peppered Moon Lichen (Sticta fuliginosa)


Peppered Rock Tripe (Umbilicaria deusta)


Peppered Rock-Shield (Xanthoparmelia conspersa)


pepper-spore lichen (Rinodina colobina)


pepper-spore lichen (Rinodina moziana)


pepper-spore lichen (Rinodina pachysperma)


Perplexed Rim Lichen (Lecanora perplexa)


Peter Pan Cockleshell (Fulgidea oligospora)


Pimpled Kidney Lichen (Nephroma resupinatum)

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Pin-cushion Sunburst Lichen (Polycauliona polycarpa)


Pink Dimple Lichen (Coenogonium pineti)


Pixie Cup Lichens (Cladonia sp.)


Pixie Foam Lichen (Stereocaulon pileatum)


Plated Rock Tripe (Umbilicaria muehlenbergii)


Pollin’s Firedot Lichen (Huneckia pollinii)


Pom-pom Shadow Lichen (Phaeophyscia pusilloides)


Poplar Needle Lichen (Phaeocalicium populneum)


Poplar Pepper-spore Lichen (Rinodina populicola)


Poplar Sunburst Lichen (Xanthomendoza hasseana)


Port-hole Lichen (Menegazzia terebrata)


Powdered Camouflage Lichen (Montanelia sorediata)


Powdered Fringe Lichen (Heterodermia speciosa)


Powdered Loop Lichen (Hypotrachyna revoluta)


Powdered Speckled Shield Lichen (Punctelia subrudecta)

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Powdered Sunshine Lichen (Vulpicida pinastri)


Powdered Wart Lichen (Lepra trachythallina)


Powder-edged Ruffle Lichen (Parmelia stuppea)

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Powder-edged Speckled Greenshield (Flavopunctelia soredica)


Powder-headed Tube Lichen (Hypogymnia tubulosa)


Powder-rimmed Camouflage Lichen (Melanelixia albertana)


Powder-tipped Rosette Lichen (Physcia dubia)


Powder-tipped Shadow Lichen (Phaeophyscia adiastola)


Powdery Almond Lichen (Amygdalaria panaeola)


Powdery Axil-bristle Lichen (Myelochroa aurulenta)


Powdery Goldspeck Lichen (Candelariella efflorescens)


Powdery Kidney Lichen (Nephroma parile)


Powdery Saucer Lichen (Ochrolechia androgyna)


Powdery Sunburst Lichen (Xanthoria ulophyllodes)


Primal Pepper-spore Lichen (Rinodina archaea)


Punctured Rock Tripe (Umbilicaria torrefacta)


Pustule Crust Lichen (Lepra pustulata)


Pygmy Stubble Lichen (Calicium parvum)


Pyxine Lichen (Pyxine sorediata)


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Quill Lichen (Cladonia amaurocraea)



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Ragbag Lichen (Platismasunbursttia glauca)













Rim Lichen (Lecanora sp.)


Ragged Beard Lichen (Usnea diplotypa)


Ragged Wart Lichen (Lepra ophthalmiza)


Red Beard Lichen (Usnea rubicunda)


Red-fruited Pixie Cup (Cladonia pleurota)


Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia arbuscula)


rim lichen (Lecanora albella)


rim lichen (Lecanora cateilea)


rim lichen (Lecanora croatica)


rim lichen (Lecanora epanora)


rim lichen (Lecanora laxa)

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Rim Lichens (Lecanora spp.)


Rimmed Camouflage Lichen (Melanelia hepatizon)


Rimmed Cobblestone Lichen (Acarospora glaucocarpa)


Rimmed Wart Lichen (Varicellaria velata)


Rock Axil-bristle Lichen (Myelochroa obsessa)


Rock Bushy Lichen (Ramalina intermedia)


Rock Dimple Lichen (Gyalecta jenensis)


Rock Greenshield Lichen (Flavoparmelia baltimorensis)


Rock Hairball Lichen (Spilonema revertens)


rock shield lichen (Xanthoparmelia hypopsila)


Rock Shield Lichen (Xanthoparmelia sp.)


Rock Shingle Lichen (Vahliella leucophaea)


Rock Speckled Shield Lichen (Punctelia stictica)


Rock Wart Lichen (Pertusaria plittiana)


Rock-loving Map Lichen (Rhizocarpon petraeum)


Rose-petalled Jellyskin Lichen (Scytinium gelatinosum)


Rosette Lichens (Physcia spp.)


Rosy Map Lichen (Rhizocarpon badioatrum)


Rosy Saucer Lichen (Ochrolechia trochophora)


Ruffled Freckled Pelt Lichen (Peltigera leucophlebia)


Rusted Stubble Lichen (Calicium salicinum)


Rusty Brook Lichen (Ionaspis lacustris)


Rusty Firedot Lichen (Blastenia ferruginea)


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Salted Rock-Shield (Xanthoparmelia mexicana)









Scaly Dog Pelt Lichen

















Sinewed Bushy Lichen










Smooth Axil-bristle Lichen

















Star Rosette Lichen















Sunburst Lichen (Xanthoria sp.)


Salted Ruffle Lichen (Parmotrema crinitum)


Salted Shell Lichen (Coccocarpia palmicola)


Salted Shield Lichen (Parmelia saxatilis)


Salted Starburst Lichen (Imshaugia aleurites)


Sand-loving Iceland Lichen (Cetraria arenaria)


Sap-groove Dot Lichen (Bacidia subincompta)

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Scaly Dog Pelt Lichen (Peltigera praetextata)


Scaly Pelt Lichen (Peltigera lepidophora)


Schaerer’s Disc Lichen (Buellia schaereri)


Sea Storm Lichen (Cetrelia olivetorum)


Shadow Dot Lichen (Micarea peliocarpa)


Shag-Belly Stippleback Lichen (Dermatocarpon moulinsii)


Shaggy-fringe Lichen (Anaptychia palmulata)


Shaly Jelly Lichen (Enchylium polycarpon)


Shameless Rim Lichen (Lecanora impudens)


Sharpleaf Ragged Rim Lichen (Loxospora elatina)


Sheepish Pelt Lichen (Peltigera extenuata)


Shingled Rock-shield Lichen (Xanthoparmelia viriduloumbrina)


Silky White Stain Lichen (Julella sericea)


Silvery Rim Lichen (Lecanora argentea)

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Sinewed Bushy Lichen (Ramalina americana)


Sioux Pepper-spore Lichen (Rinodina siouxiana)


Six-celled Moss Dot Lichen (Bilimbia sabuletorum)


Small Clam Lichen (Carbonicola anthracophila)


Small-balled Dot Lichen (Mycobilimbia pilularis)


Smoked Camouflage Lichen (Melanohalea infumata)


Smokey-eyed Boulder Lichen (Porpidia albocaerulescens)


Smoky Crottle (Parmelia omphalodes)


Smoky Rim Lichen (Lecanora cenisia)

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Smooth Axil-bristle Lichen (Myelochroa galbina)


Smooth Lungwort (Lobaria quercizans)


Smooth Pixie-cup Lichen (Cladonia magyarica)


Smooth-footed Powderhorn (Cladonia ochrochlora)


Snow Glass-whiskers Lichen (Sclerophora nivea)


snow lichen (Stereocaulon evolutum)


snow lichen (Stereocaulon taeniarum)


Soil Ruby Lichen (Heppia lutosa)


Southern Rim Lichen (Lecanora meridionalis)


Speckled Greenshield (Flavopunctelia flaventior)


Spiny Gray Horsehair Lichen (Bryoria nadvornikiana)


Splash-paint Cobblestone Lichen (Pleopsidium chlorophanum)


Spotted Camouflage Lichen (Melanohalea olivacea)


Spring Dot Lichen (Biatora vernalis)

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Star Rosette Lichen (Physcia stellaris)


Starburst Shadow Lichen (Phaeophyscia endococcina)


Star-tipped Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia stellaris)


Stenhammar's Pore Lichen (Pertusaria stenhammarii)


Stiff Tar-spot Lichen (Placynthiella icmalea)


Stonewall Rim Lichen (Protoparmeliopsis muralis)


Stretched Jellyskin (Leptogium milligranum)


Stubby-stalked Cladonia (Cladonia caespiticia)


Sugared Sunburst Lichen (Xanthoria sorediata)


Sulphur Dust Lichen (Chrysothrix chlorina)


Sulphur Dust Lichen (Psilolechia lucida)


Sulphur Firedot Lichen (Caloplaca flavovirescens)


Sulphur Stubble Lichen (Chaenotheca furfuracea)

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Sunburst Lichens (Xanthoria spp.)


sunken disk lichen (Aspicilia accedens [?])


Sunken Rim Lichen (Lecanora oreinoides)


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Tar Jelly Lichen (Enchylium tenax)

















Tree Lungwort

Trumpet Lichen


tar-spot lichen (Placynthiella dasaea)


Tar-spot Lichen (Placynthiella oligotropha)


Tasmania Rock-shield Lichen (Xanthoparmelia tasmanica)


Tattered Jellyskin Lichen (Scytinium lichenoides)


Textured Lungwort (Lobaria scrobiculata)


Thread Lichen (Ephebe ocellata)


Tight Rock-shield (Xanthoparmelia lineola)


Tile Lichen (Lecidea tessellata)


tile lichen (Traponora varians)


Timdal’s Map Lichen (Rhizocarpon timdalii)


Tiny Button Lichen (Amandinea punctata)


Tiny Firedot Lichen (Calogaya pusilla)


Tree Jelly (Collema subflaccidum)

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Tree Lungwort (Lobaria pulmonaria)


Tree Stipplescale Lichen (Placidium arboreum)

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Trumpet Lichen (Cladonia fimbriata)


Tundra Saucer Lichen (Ochrolechia upsaliensis)


Twin Map Lichen (Rhizocarpon geminatum)


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Umber Dot Lichen (Scoliciosporum umbrinum)



Urn Disk Lichen (Lopadium disciforme)


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Valois Rim Lichen (Lecanora valesiaca)


Variable Wrinkle-Lichen (Tuckermanopsis orbata)


Varying Rim Lichen (Lecanora argopholis)


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Wall Rim Lichen (Lecania erysibe)






Whitewash Lichen


Wand Lichen (Cladonia rei)


Wetmore’s Rim Lichen (Myriolecis wetmorei)


White Rim Lichen (Lecanora rupicola)


White Ring Stubble Lichen (Calicium glaucellum)


White-edged Stone Lichen (Trapelia coarctata)

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Whitewash Lichen (Phlyctis argena)


Wisconsin Rim Lichen (Lecanora wisconsinensis)


Wood Rim Lichen (Lecanora saligna)


Wood-spot Rim Lichen (Lecanora albellula)


Wooden Soldiers Lichen (Cladonia botrytes)


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Yellow Cobblestone Lichen (Acarospora socialis)

Yellow Cobblestone Lichen

Yellow Collar Stubble Lichen (Calicium trabinellum)


Yellow Map Lichen (Rhizocarpon geographicum)


Yellow Ribbon Lichen (Allocetraria oakesiana)


Yellow Ribbon Lichen (Usnocetraria oakesiana)


Yellow Soot Lichen (Calicium lucidum)


Yellow Specklebelly (Pseudocyphellaria crocata)


Yellow-top Dot Lichen (Mycobilimbia epixanthoides)


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Zoned Dust Lichen (Lepraria caesioalba)




Acarospora americana (Dusty Cobblestone Lichen)

Acarospora badiofusca (Dark Brown Cobblestone Lichen)

Acarospora fuscata (Brown Cobblestone Lichen)

Acarospora glaucocarpa (Rimmed Cobblestone Lichen)

Acarospora socialis (Yellow Cobblestone Lichen)

Acrocordia cavata (Hollow Shell Lichen)

Ahtiana aurescens (Eastern Candlewax Lichen)

Allocetraria oakesiana (Yellow Ribbon Lichen)

Amandinea punctata (Tiny Button Lichen)

Amygdalaria panaeola (Powdery Almond Lichen)

Anaptychia crinalis (Hanging Fringe Lichen)

Anaptychia palmulata (Shaggy-fringe Lichen)

Anema tumidulum (lichen)

Anisomeridium biforme (Forest Punch Lichen)

Anisomeridium polypori (Many-pored Punch Lichen)

Arctoparmelia centrifuga (Concentric Ring Lichen)

Arctoparmelia subcentrifuga (Abrading Ring Lichen)

Arthonia clemens (comma lichen)

Arthonia didyma (Didymous Comma Lichen)

Arthonia fuliginosa (comma lichen)

Arthonia punctiformis (comma lichen)

Arthrorhaphis citrinella (Golden Dot Lichen)

Aspicilia accedens (sunken disk lichen)

Aspicilia americana (American Sunken Disc Lichen)

Aspicilia cinerea (Cinder Lichen)




Bacidia bagliettoana (Baglietto’s dotted lichen)

Bacidia laurocerasi (Cherry-laurel Dot Lichen)

Bacidia rubella (Frosty-rimmed Dot Lichen)

Bacidia subincompta (Sap-groove Dot Lichen)

Baeomyces rufus (Brown Beter Lichen)

Bagliettoa baldensis (lichen)

Biatora efflorescens (Efflorescent Dot Lichen)

Biatora pycnidiata (dot lichen)

Biatora vernalis (Spring Dot Lichen)

Bilimbia sabuletorum (Six-celled Moss Dot Lichen)

Blastenia ferruginea (Rusty Firedot Lichen)

Bryobilimbia hypnorum (Hypnotic Moss-Dot Lichen)

Bryoria capillaris (Gray Horsehair Lichen)

Bryoria furcellata (Burred Horsehair Lichen)

Bryoria fuscescens (Pale-footed Horsehair Lichen)

Bryoria nadvornikiana (Spiny Gray Horsehair Lichen)

Bryoria trichodes (Moosehair Lichen)

Buellia arnoldii (Arnold’s Button Lichen)

Buellia badia (Parasitic Button Lichen)

Buellia erubescens (Common Button Lichen)

Buellia nigra (Black Disc Lichen)

Buellia schaereri (Schaerer’s Disc Lichen)

Buellia stillingiana (Common Button Lichen)




Calicium abietinum (Black Stubble Lichen)

Calicium glaucellum (White Ring Stubble Lichen)

Calicium lucidum (Yellow Soot Lichen)

Calicium parvum (Pygmy Stubble Lichen)

Calicium salicinum (Rusted Stubble Lichen)

Calicium trabinellum (Yellow Collar Stubble Lichen)

Calogaya pusilla (Tiny Firedot Lichen)

Caloplaca ahtii (Boreal Tree Firedot)

Caloplaca atroalba (Black and White Firedot Lichen)

Caloplaca brunneola (firedot lichen)

Caloplaca flavovirescens (Sulphur Firedot Lichen)

Caloplaca galactophylla (firedot lichen)

Caloplaca galactophylla (lichen)

Caloplaca grimmiae (Mossy Firedot Lichen)

Caloplaca holocarpa (Common Tree Firedot Lichen)

Caloplaca lignicola (firedot lichen)

Caloplaca microphyllina (Orange-Dust Firedot Lichen)

Caloplaca parvula (lichen)

Caloplaca soralifera (firedot lichen)

Caloplaca spp. (firedot lichen)

Caloplaca stellata (firedot lichen)

Candelaria concolor (Candleflame Lichen)

Candelaria fibrosa (Fringed Candleflame Lichen)

Candelariella aurella (Hidden Goldspeck Lichen)

Candelariella efflorescens (Powdery Goldspeck Lichen)

Candelariella vitellina (Common Goldspeck)

Carbonicola anthracophila (Small Clam Lichen)

Cetraria arenaria (Sand-loving Iceland Lichen)

Cetraria ericetorum (Iceland Lichen)

Cetrelia chicitae (Chicita’s Sea Storm Lichen)

Cetrelia olivetorum (Sea Storm Lichen)

Chaenotheca brunneola (Brown-head Stubble Lichen)

Chaenotheca chrysocephala (Canary Stubble Lichen)

Chaenotheca furfuracea (Sulphur Stubble Lichen)

Chaenotheca stemonea (Miner’s Stubble Lichen)

Chaenotheca trichialis (Frog Stubble Lichen)

Chaenothecopsis penningtonensis (lichen)

Chrismofulvea dialyta (button lichen)

Chrysothrix candelaris (Gold Dust Lichen)

Chrysothrix chlorina (Sulphur Dust Lichen)

Cladonia acuminata (Acutetip Cup Lichen)

Cladonia amaurocraea (Quill Lichen)

Cladonia arbuscula (Reindeer Lichen)

Cladonia borealis (Boreal Cup Lichen)

Cladonia botrytes (Wooden Soldiers Lichen)

Cladonia caespiticia (Stubby-stalked Cladonia)

Cladonia chlorophaea (Mealy Pixie Cup)

Cladonia coniocraea (Common Powderhorn)

Cladonia cornuta (Bighorn Lichen)

Cladonia crispata (Organ-pipe Lichen)

Cladonia cristatella (British Soldiers)

Cladonia cylindrica (Cylindrical Powderhorn)

Cladonia decorticata (Branching Pixie Pebblehorn Lichen)

Cladonia deformis (Lesser Sulphur-cup Lichen)

Cladonia digitata (Finger Cup Lichen)

Cladonia farinacea (Farinose Cup Lichen)

Cladonia fimbriata (Trumpet Lichen)

Cladonia floerkeana (Gritty British Soldiers Lichen)

Cladonia furcata (Many-forked Cladonia)

Cladonia grayi (Gray’s Cup Lichen)

Cladonia humilis (Humble Pixie-cup Lichen)

Cladonia macilenta (Lipstick Powderhorn)

Cladonia magyarica (Smooth Pixie-cup Lichen)

Cladonia merochlorophaea (Gritty Pixie-cup Lichen)

Cladonia mitis (Green Reindeer Lichen)

Cladonia norvegica (Baby Powderhorn Lichen)

Cladonia ochrochlora (Smooth-footed Powderhorn)

Cladonia peziziformis (Cup Lichen)

Cladonia phyllophora (Felt Horn Lichen)

Cladonia pleurota (Red-fruited Pixie Cup)

Cladonia polycarpoides (Peg Lichen)

Cladonia pyxidata (Pebbled Pixie Cup)

Cladonia rangiferina (Gray Reindeer Lichen)

Cladonia rei (Wand Lichen)

Cladonia scabriuscula (Mealy Forked Cladonia)

Cladonia spp. (Pixie Cup Lichens)

Cladonia squamosa (Dragon Horn)

Cladonia stellaris (Star-tipped Reindeer Lichen)

Cladonia stygia (Black-footed Reindeer Lichen)

Cladonia subulata (Antlered Powderhorn)

Cladonia sulphurina (Greater Sulphur-cup Lichen)

Cladonia turgida (Crazy Scale Lichen)

Cladonia wainioi (False Reindeer Lichen)

Clavascidium lacinulatum (Brown Stipplescale Lichen)

Coccocarpia palmicola (Salted Shell Lichen)

Coenogonium luteum (Orange Dimple Lichen)

Coenogonium pineti (Pink Dimple Lichen)

Collema flaccidum (Flaking Tarpaper Lichen)

Collema nigrescens (Broadleaf Blistered Jelly Lichen)

Collema pulcellum (Beautiful Blistered Jelly Lichen)

Collema subflaccidum (Tree Jelly)

Cresponea chloroconia (lichen)

Cyphelium notarisii (Notaris’ Soot Lichen)




Dermatocarpon luridum (Brook Stippleback Lichen)

Dermatocarpon miniatum (Common Stippleback Lichen)

Dermatocarpon moulinsii (Shag-Belly Stippleback Lichen)

Dimelaena oreina (Golden Moonglow Lichen)

Diploschistes scruposus (Crater Lichen)




Enchylium bachmanianum (Bachman's Jelly Lichen)

Enchylium conglomeratum (Conglomerate Jelly Lichen)

Enchylium polycarpon (Shaly Jelly Lichen)

Enchylium tenax (Tar Jelly Lichen)

Eopyrenula intermedia (lichen)

Ephebe ocellata (Thread Lichen)

Erichansenia epithallina (Parasitic Firedot Lichen)

Evernia mesomorpha (Boreal Oakmoss)




Flavoparmelia baltimorensis (Rock Greenshield Lichen)

Flavoparmelia caperata (Common Greenshield Lichen)

Flavoplaca citrina (Mealy Firedot Lichen)

Flavopunctelia flaventior (Speckled Greenshield)

Flavopunctelia soredica (Powder-edged Speckled Greenshield)

Fulgidea oligospora (Peter Pan Cockleshell)

Fuscopannaria praetermissa (Moss Shingle Lichen)




Gyalecta fagicola (Beech Dimple Lichen)

Gyalecta jenensis (Rock Dimple Lichen)

Gyalecta truncigena (lichen)




Henrica theleodes (Nipple-like Black Bump Lichen)

Heppia lutosa (Soil Ruby Lichen)

Heterodermia obscurata (Orange-tinted Fringe Lichen)

Huneckia pollinii (Pollin’s Firedot Lichen)

Hymenelia epulotica (lichen)

Hypocenomyce scalaris (Common Clam Lichen)

Hypogymnia physodes (Hooded Tube Lichen)

Hypogymnia tubulosa (Powder-headed Tube Lichen)

Hypotrachyna revoluta (Powdered Loop Lichen)




Icmadophila ericetorum (Candy Lichen)

Imshaugia aleurites (Salted Starburst Lichen)

Imshaugia placorodia (American Starburst Lichen)

Ionaspis lacustris (Rusty Brook Lichen)



Julella sericea (Silky White Stain Lichen)



Kirschsteiniothelia aethiops (Kirschsteiniothelia Lichen)




Lambiella caeca (lichen)

Lasallia papulosa (Common Toadskin Lichen)

Lathagrium fuscovirens (Crumpled Rock Tarpaper Lichen)

Lathagrium undulatum (Jelly Flakes Lichen)

Lecania croatica (rim lichen)

Lecania dubitans (Bean-spored Rim Lichen)

Lecania erysibe (Wall Rim Lichen)

Lecania naegelii (Naegel’s Rim Lichen)

Lecanora albella (rim lichen)

Lecanora albellula (Wood-spot Rim Lichen)

Lecanora allophana (Brown-eyed Rim Lichen)

Lecanora appalachensis (Appalachian Powdered-Rim)

Lecanora argentea (Silvery Rim Lichen)

Lecanora argopholis (Varying Rim Lichen)

Lecanora caesiorubella (Frosted Rim Lichen)

Lecanora cateilea (rim lichen)

Lecanora cenisia (Smoky Rim Lichen)

Lecanora chlarotera (Dusted White-Rim)

Lecanora dispersa (Mortar Rim Lichen)

Lecanora epanora (rim lichen)

Lecanora glabrata (Beech Rim Lichen)

Lecanora hagenii (Hagen’s Rim Lichen)

Lecanora hybocarpa (Bumpy Rim Lichen)

Lecanora impudens (Shameless Rim Lichen)

Lecanora imshaugii (Imshaug’s Rim Lichen)

Lecanora intricata (Intricate Rim Lichen)

Lecanora laxa (rim lichen)

Lecanora meridionalis (Southern Rim Lichen)

Lecanora oreinoides (Sunken Rim Lichen)

Lecanora perplexa (Perplexed Rim Lichen)

Lecanora polytropa (Granite-speck Rim Lichen)

Lecanora pseudistera (False-Abrasion Rim Lichen)

Lecanora pulicaris (Common Rim Lichen)

Lecanora rupicola (White Rim Lichen)

Lecanora saligna (Wood Rim Lichen)

Lecanora spp. (Rim Lichens)

Lecanora strobilina (Mealy Rim Lichen)

Lecanora subintricata (Nordic Rim Lichen)

Lecanora symmicta (Fused Rim Lichen)

Lecanora thysanophora (Mapledust Lichen)

Lecanora valesiaca (Valois Rim Lichen)

Lecanora varia (Greenish Yellow Rim-Lichen)

Lecanora wisconsinensis (Wisconsin Rim Lichen)

Lecidea nylanderi (Nylander’s Tile Lichen)

Lecidea plana (Flattened Disc Lichen)

Lecidea tessellata (Tile Lichen)

Lecidella carpathica (Carpathian Disc Lichen)

Lecidella effugiens (Fleeing Disc Lichen)

Lecidella elaeochroma (Gray-green Disc Lichen)

Lepra amara (Bitter Wart Lichen)

Lepra ophthalmiza (Ragged Wart Lichen)

Lepra pustulata (Pustule Crust Lichen)

Lepra trachythallina (Powdered Wart Lichen)

Lepraria caesioalba (Zoned Dust Lichen)

Lepraria finkii (Fluffy Dust Lichen)

Lepraria spp. (Dust Lichens)

Leproplaca cirrochroa (Auburn Firedot Lichen)

Leptogium apalachense (lichen)

Leptogium burnetiae (Long-bearded Jellyskin Lichen)

Leptogium byssinum (Granular Jellyskin Lichen)

Leptogium cyanescens (Blue Jellyskin)

Leptogium milligranum (Stretched Jellyskin)

Leptogium saturninum (Bearded Jellyskin Lichen)

Leptorhaphis contorta (Contorted Birchbark Dot Lichen)

Leptorhaphis epidermidis (Birchbark Dot Lichen)

Lichenoconium erodens (lichen)

Lichenoconium lecanorae (lichen)

Lichenoconium usneae (lichen)

Lichenopeltella peltigericola (lichen)

Lichenothelia scopularia (Black Rock Lichen)

Lichinella cribellifera (lichen)

Lichinella nigritella (Black Rock Licorice Lichen)

Lithothelium hyalosporum (Clear-spored Rash Lichen)

Lobaria pulmonaria (Tree Lungwort)

Lobaria quercizans (Smooth Lungwort)

Lobaria scrobiculata (Textured Lungwort)

Lopadium disciforme (Urn Disk Lichen)

Loxospora elatina (Sharpleaf Ragged Rim Lichen)




Marchandiomyces corallinus (lichen)

Megaspora verrucosa (False Sunken Disk Lichen)

Melanelia hepatizon (Rimmed Camouflage Lichen)

Melanelia subolivacea (Brown-eyed Camouflage Lichen)

Melanelixia albertana (Powder-rimmed Camouflage Lichen)

Melanohalea infumata (Smoked Camouflage Lichen)

Melanohalea olivacea (Spotted Camouflage Lichen)

Menegazzia terebrata (Port-hole Lichen)

Micarea melaena (Dark Dot Lichen)

Micarea nowakii (lichen)

Micarea peliocarpa (Shadow Dot Lichen)

Micarea prasina (Green Dot Lichen)

Montanelia disjuncta (Mealy Camouflage Lichen)

Montanelia tominii (Dimpled Camouflage Lichen)

Montanelia trabeculata (Baby Camouflage Lichen)

Muellerella lichenicola (lichen)

Mycobilimbia berengeriana (Bering Dot Lichen)

Mycobilimbia epixanthoides (Yellow-top Dot Lichen)

Mycobilimbia pilularis (Small-balled Dot Lichen)

Mycobilimbia tetramera (Four-celled Moss-Dot)

Mycoblastus sanguinarius (Bloody-heart Lichen)

Myelochroa aurulenta (Powdery Axil-bristle Lichen)

Myelochroa galbina (Smooth Axil-bristle Lichen)

Myelochroa obsessa (Rock Axil-bristle Lichen)

Myriolecis albescens (lichen)

Myriolecis crenulata (lichen)

Myriolecis fugiens (lichen)

Myriolecis invadens (lichen)

Myriolecis sambuci (Many-spored Rim Lichen)

Myriolecis semipallida (lichen)

Myriolecis torrida (lichen)

Myriolecis wetmorei (Wetmore’s Rim Lichen)




Naetrocymbe punctiformis (lichen)

Nephroma bellum (Naked Kidney Lichen)

Nephroma helveticum (Fringed Kidney Lichen)

Nephroma parile (Powdery Kidney Lichen)

Nephroma resupinatum (Pimpled Kidney Lichen)

Normandina pulchella (Elf Ears Lichen)




Ochrolechia androgyna (Powdery Saucer Lichen)

Ochrolechia mexicana (Mexican Saucer Lichen)

Ochrolechia pseudopallescens (Pallid Saucer Lichen)

Ochrolechia trochophora (Rosy Saucer Lichen)

Ochrolechia upsaliensis (Tundra Saucer Lichen)

Omphalina umbellifera (Greenpea Mushroom Lichen)

Oxneria fallax (Hooded Sunburst Lichen)




Pannaria conoplea (Mealy-rimmed Shingle Lichen)

Parmelia fraudans (Pea-green Shield Lichen)

Parmelia omphalodes (Smoky Crottle)

Parmelia saxatilis (Salted Shield Lichen)

Parmelia squarrosa (Bottlebrush Shield Lichen)

Parmelia stictica (lichen)

Parmelia stuppea (Powder-edged Ruffle Lichen)

Parmelia sulcata (Hammered Shield Lichen)

Parmeliella thriptophylla (Black-bordered Shingle Lichen)

Parmeliopsis ambigua (Green Starburst Lichen)

Parmeliopsis hyperopta (Gray Starburst Lichen)

Parmotrema arnoldii (Arnold’s Parmotrema Lichen)

Parmotrema crinitum (Salted Ruffle Lichen)

Parmotrema reticulatum (Black Sheet Lichen)

Parmotrema subtinctorium (Mottled Ruffle Lichen)

Peltigera aphthosa (Freckled Pelt Lichen)

Peltigera canina (Dog Pelt Lichen)

Peltigera didactyla (Alternating Dog Lichen)

Peltigera elisabethae (Concentric Pelt Lichen)

Peltigera extenuata (Sheepish Pelt Lichen)

Peltigera horizontalis (Flat-fruited Pelt Lichen)

Peltigera lepidophora (Scaly Pelt Lichen)

Peltigera leucophlebia (Ruffled Freckled Pelt Lichen)

Peltigera membranacea (Membranous Pelt Lichen)

Peltigera neckeri (Blacksaddle Pelt Lichen)

Peltigera polydactylon (Many-fruited Pelt Lichen)

Peltigera praetextata (Scaly Dog Pelt Lichen)

Peltigera rufescens (Field Dog Lichen)

Peltigera venosa (Fan Lichen)

Peltula bolanderi (Bolander’s Peltula Lichen)

Pertusaria alpina (Alpine Pore Lichen)

Pertusaria consocians (Consociate Wart Lichen)

Pertusaria leioplaca (Creamy Pert Lichen)

Pertusaria macounii (Macoun’s Wart Lichen)

Pertusaria plittiana (Rock Wart Lichen)

Pertusaria stenhammarii (Stenhammar's Pore Lichen)

Phaeocalicium compressulum (Alder Needle Lichen)

Phaeocalicium polyporaeum (Fairy Pins)

Phaeocalicium populneum (Poplar Needle Lichen)

Phaeophyscia pusilloides (Pom-pom Shadow Lichen)

Phaeophyscia chloantha (lichen)

Phaeophyscia adiastola (Powder-tipped Shadow Lichen)

Phaeophyscia endococcina (Starburst Shadow Lichen)

Phlyctis argena (Whitewash Lichen)

Physcia adscendens (Hooded Rosette Lichen)

Physcia aipolia (Hoary Rosette Lichen)

Physcia caesia (Blue-gray Rosette Lichen)

Physcia dubia (Powder-tipped Rosette Lichen)

Physcia spp. (Rosette Lichens)

Physcia stellaris (Star Rosette Lichen)

Physconia detersa (Bottlebrush Frost Lichen)

Physconia grumosa (frost lichen)

Physconia muscigena (Ground Frost Lichen)

Placidium arboreum (Tree Stipplescale Lichen)

Placopyrenium fuscellum (lichen)

Placynthiella icmalea (Stiff Tar-spot Lichen)

Placynthiella oligotropha (Tar-spot Lichen)

Placynthiella uliginosa (Pear Tar-spot Lichen)

Placynthium nigrum (Blackthread Lichen)

Placynthium stenophyllum (Narrow Ink Lichen)

Platismasunbursttia glauca (Ragbag Lichen)

Platismatia tuckermanii (Crumpled Rag Lichen)

Pleopsidium chlorophanum (Splash-paint Cobblestone Lichen)

Polycauliona polycarpa (Pin-cushion Sunburst Lichen)

Polychidium muscicola (Eyed Mossthorns Lichen)

Porpidia albocaerulescens (Smokey-eyed Boulder Lichen)

Porpidia cinereoatra (Hertel’s Porpidia Lichen)

Porpidia contraponenda (Diverse Porpidia Lichen)

Porpidia speirea (Flexuous Boulder Lichen)

Protopannaria pezizoides (Brown-gray Moss-shingle Lichen)

Protoparmelia badia (Chocolate Rim Lichen)

Protoparmeliopsis muralis (Stonewall Rim Lichen)

Protoparmeliopsis peltata (Peltate Rimmed Navel Lichen)

Pseudevernia consocians (Common Antler Lichen)

Pseudocyphellaria crocata (Yellow Specklebelly)

Psilolechia lucida (Sulphur Dust Lichen)

Psora globifera (Blackberry Scale Lichen)

Pterygiopsis umbilicata (lichen)

Punctelia appalachensis (Appalachian Speckled Shield Lichen)

Punctelia bolliana (Eastern Speckled Shield Lichen)

Punctelia stictica (Rock Speckled Shield Lichen)

Punctelia subrudecta (Powdered Speckled Shield Lichen)

Pyxine sorediata (Pyxine Lichen)







Ramalina americana (Sinewed Bushy Lichen)

Ramalina farinacea (Farinose Cartilage Lichen)

Ramalina intermedia (Rock Bushy Lichen)

Ramalina roesleri (Frayed Ramalina Lichen)

Ramalina sinensis (Fan Ramalina)

Ramalina thrausta (Angel’s Hair Lichen)

Ramalina unifolia (One-leaf Ribbon Lichen)

Ramboldia elabens (lichen)

Rhizocarpon badioatrum (Rosy Map Lichen)

Rhizocarpon cinereovirens (Grayish Green Map Lichen)

Rhizocarpon geminatum (Twin Map Lichen)

Rhizocarpon geographicum (Yellow Map Lichen)

Rhizocarpon grande (Boreal Single-spored Map Lichen)

Rhizocarpon lavatum (Drenched Map Lichen)

Rhizocarpon petraeum (Rock-loving Map Lichen)

Rhizocarpon rubescens (map lichen)

Rhizocarpon subgeminatum (map lichen)

Rhizocarpon timdalii (Timdal’s Map Lichen)

Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca (Orange Rock Posy)

Rhizoplaca opiniconensis (Opinicon Rock Posy Lichen)

Rinodina archaea (Primal Pepper-spore Lichen)

Rinodina colobina (pepper-spore lichen)

Rinodina excrescens (Excrescent Pepper-spore Lichen)

Rinodina freyi (Frey’s Pepper-spore Lichen)

Rinodina moziana (pepper-spore lichen)

Rinodina pachysperma (pepper-spore lichen)

Rinodina populicola (Poplar Pepper-spore Lichen)

Rinodina siouxiana (Sioux Pepper-spore Lichen)

Rinodina tephraspis (Gray-aspic Pepper-spore Lichen)

Rufoplaca arenaria (Granite Firedot Lichen)

Rufoplaca oxfordensis (Oxford Orange Lichen)




Sarcogyne regularis (Frosted Grain-spored Lichen)

Sarcosagium campestre (Field Dot Lichen)

Sarea resinae (Orange Resin Dots)

Sclerophora nivea (Snow Glass-whiskers Lichen)

Scoliciosporum chlorococcum (City Dot Lichen)

Scoliciosporum umbrinum (Umber Dot Lichen)

Scytinium gelatinosum (Rose-petalled Jellyskin Lichen)

Scytinium lichenoides (Tattered Jellyskin Lichen)

Scytinium tenuissimum (Birdnest Jellyskin Lichen)

Scytinium teretiusculum (Curly Jellyskin Lichen)

Solorina saccata (Common Chocolate Chip Lichen)

Sphinctrina anglica (English Parasite Needle Lichen)

Sphinctrina turbinata (lichen)

Spilonema revertens (Rock Hairball Lichen)

Squamulea galactophylla (lichen)

Staurothele areolata (Areolate Rock Pimple Lichen)

Staurothele fissa (Lakezone Lichen)

Stenocybe major (Major Stickpin Lichen)

Stenocybe pullatula (Alder Stickpin Lichen)

Stereocaulon evolutum (snow lichen)

Stereocaulon paschale (Easter Foam Lichen)

Stereocaulon pileatum (Pixie Foam Lichen)

Stereocaulon taeniarum (snow lichen)

Sticta beauvoisii (Fingered Moon Lichen)

Sticta fuliginosa (Peppered Moon Lichen)

Stictis urceolatum (Can-of-worms Lichen)

Strangospora microhaema (Bloody Multi-Spored Lichen)

Strigula stigmatella (Lock-sheet Pimple Lichen)

Synalissa symphorea (Eyed Rockgorgon Lichen)




Tephromela atra (Black-eye Lichen)

Thelocarpon epibolum (lichen)

Thelocarpon laureri (Laurer’s Thelocarpon Lichen)

Thrombium epigaeum (Epigeal Clot Lichen)

Toninia squalida (Neglected Blister Lichen)

Trapelia coarctata (White-edged Stone Lichen)

Trapelia involuta (Pebble Lichen)

Trapeliopsis flexuosa (Board Lichen)

Trapeliopsis granulosa (Granular Mottled-disk Lichen)

Trapeliopsis viridescens (Greenish Mottled-disk Lichen)

Traponora varians (tile lichen)

Tuckermanopsis orbata (Variable Wrinkle-Lichen)

Tuckermanopsis sepincola (Chestnut Wrinkle Lichen)




Umbilicaria americana (Frosted Rock Tripe)

Umbilicaria deusta (Peppered Rock Tripe)

Umbilicaria hyperborea (Blistered Rock Tripe)

Umbilicaria muehlenbergii (Plated Rock Tripe)

Umbilicaria torrefacta (Punctured Rock Tripe)

Usnea cavernosa (Cavern Beard Lichen)

Usnea diplotypa (Ragged Beard Lichen)

Usnea filipendula (Fishbone Beard Lichen)

Usnea hirta (Bristly Beard Lichen)

Usnea longissima (Methuselah’s Beard Lichen)

Usnea mutabilis (Bloody Beard Lichen)

Usnea perplexans (Lapland Beard Lichen)

Usnea rubicunda (Red Beard Lichen)

Usnea spp. (Beard Lichens)

Usnocetraria oakesiana (Yellow Ribbon Lichen)




Vahliella leucophaea (Rock Shingle Lichen)

Varicellaria velata (Rimmed Wart Lichen)

Verrucaria fayettensis (Fayette Wart Lichen)

Verrucaria fuscella (lichen)

Verrucaria margacea (Inundated Speck Lichen)

Vouauxiomyces truncatus (lichen)

Vulpicida pinastri (Powdered Sunshine Lichen)







Xanthocarpia crenulatella (lichen)

Xanthomendoza hasseana (Poplar Sunburst Lichen)

Xanthoparmelia conspersa (Peppered Rock-Shield)

Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia (Cumberland Rock Shield)

Xanthoparmelia hypopsila (rock shield lichen)

Xanthoparmelia lineola (Tight Rock-shield)

Xanthoparmelia mexicana (Salted Rock-Shield)

Xanthoparmelia spp. (Rock Shield Lichen)

Xanthoparmelia tasmanica (Tasmania Rock-shield Lichen)

Xanthoparmelia viriduloumbrina (Shingled Rock-shield Lichen)

Xanthoria elegans (Elegant Sunburst Lichen)

Xanthoria parietina (Common Sunburst Lichen)

Xanthoria sorediata (Sugared Sunburst Lichen)

Xanthoria spp. (Sunburst Lichens)

Xanthoria ulophyllodes (Powdery Sunburst Lichen)

Xylographa parallela (Black Woodscript Lichen)

Xylopsora friesii (Old-Growth Clam Lichen)










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Unidentified Lichens


Unidentified Lichen #01

Superior Hiking Trail, Cook County

  Unidentified Lichen #01

Unidentified Lichen #02

Cass County

  Unidentified Lichen #02
Unidentified Lichen #02   Unidentified Lichen #02

Unidentified Lichen #03

Superior Hiking Trail, Cook County

  Unidentified Lichen #03

Unidentified Lichen #04

Fairview Twp, Cass County

… most likely red oak

  Unidentified Lichen #04

Unidentified Lichen #05

Fairview Twp, Cass County

Closeup this seems very similar to green reindeer lichen found in the past, but slightly different

  Unidentified Lichen #05
Unidentified Lichen #05  

Unidentified Lichen #08

Fairview Twp, Cass County

on a snag. Deeply grooved bark, I think was probably red oak, but not sure.

Unidentified Lichen #08

Alfredo Colon

Unidentified Lichen #07

Albany, NY

  Unidentified Lichen #07

Unidentified Lichen #06

Woodbury, MN

  Unidentified Lichen #06




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