hoary alyssum

(Berteroa incana)

Conservation Status
hoary alyssum
  IUCN Red List

not listed


NNA - Not applicable

SNA - Not applicable


not listed

Weed Status

Restricted Weed Seed

County Noxious Weed in Becker County

Hoary alyssum is listed as an invasive terrestrial plant by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


The four petals are deeply divided, and look like eight petals arranged in four pairs.

The fruits are oblong and fat.




10 to 28


Flower Color




Similar Species


Giant chickweed (Myosoton aquaticum), chickweeds (Stellaria spp.), and mouse-ear chickweeds (Cerastium spp.) have five petals, not four.

Spring Whitlow grass (Draba verna) is a very short plant, reaching only 3" at maturity. The leaves are all basal, the stems are leafless.


Disturbed sites.




May to September


Pests and Diseases




Defense Mechanisms


This and other mustards (family Brassicaceae) produce chemical compounds when cells are damaged that are toxic to most animals, fungi, and bacteria.




Distribution Map



2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 22, 28, 29, 30.




Native to Asia and Europe. Introduced and naturalized in North America.





  Kingdom Plantae (green algae and land plants)  
  Subkingdom Viridiplantae (green plants)  
  Infrakingdom Streptophyta (land plants and green algae)  
  Superdivision Embryophyta (land plants)  
  Division Tracheophyta (vascular plants)  
  Subdivision Spermatophytina (seed plants)  
  Class Magnoliopsida (flowering plants)  
  Superorder Rosanae  


Brassicales (mustards, capers, and allies)  


Brassicaceae (mustard)  
  Tribe Alysseae  



Subordinate Taxa






Alyssum incanum


Common Names


hoary alison

hoary false alyssum

hoary alyssum

hoary false madwort













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Flowering Stem

    hoary alyssum   hoary alyssum  


    hoary alyssum   hoary alyssum  


    hoary alyssum   hoary alyssum  


    hoary alyssum      


    hoary alyssum      






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  Hoary Alyssum (Berteroa Incana) - 2012-09-13

Published on Sep 16, 2012

Berteroa incana (Hoary Alyssum) is a plant in the mustard family, Brassicaceae.

Grijskruid (Berteroa incana) is een plant uit de kruisbloemenfamilie (Cruciferae of Brassicaceae).

52.03226 4.32790 grijskruid




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Afton State Park

Agassiz Dunes SNA (MN DNR)

Avon Hills Forest SNA, North Unit

Badoura Jack Pine Woodland SNA

Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park

Blaine Preserve SNA

Blaine Wetland Sanctuary

Blazing Star Prairie

Blazing Star Prairie Addition Preserve, South Unit

Bonanza Prairie SNA

Boot Lake SNA

Bunker Hills Regional Park

Butterwort Cliffs SNA

Carver Highlands WMA, South Unit

Cedar Rock SNA

Charles A. Lindbergh State Park

Chippewa Prairie

Clear Lake SNA

Crosby Farm Regional Park

Crow Wing State Park

Crow-Hassan Park Reserve

Dodge Nature Center

Dry Sand WMA

Elm Creek Park Reserve

Falls Creek SNA

Felton Prairie SNA, Bicentennial Unit

Flandrau State Park

Franconia Bluffs SNA

Frontenac State Park

Glacial Lakes State Park

Glendalough State Park

Glynn Prairie SNA

Greenwater Lake SNA

Grey Cloud Dunes SNA

Hastings Sand Coulee SNA

Hyland Lake Park Reserve

Hythecker Prairie SNA

Iron Horse Prairie SNA

Iron Springs Bog SNA

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John Peter Hoffman Spring Brook Valley WMA

Kasota Prairie

Keller Regional Park

Kellogg Weaver Dunes SNA, Kellogg Weaver Unit

La Salle Lake SNA

Lake Alexander Woods SNA, South Unit

Lake Bemidji State Park

Lake Carlos State Park

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Lake Rebecca Park Reserve

Lebanon Hills Regional Park

Leif Mountain

Lester Lake SNA

Lost Valley Prairie SNA

Maplewood State Park

McKnight Prairie

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park

Minneopa State Park

Minnesota Valley NWR, Long Meadow Lake Unit

Minnesota Valley NWR, Louisville Swamp Unit

Minnesota Valley NWR, Rapids Lake Unit

Minnesota Valley NWR, Wilkie Unit

Mississippi River County Park

Northern Tallgrass Prairie NWR, Touch the Sky Prairie Unit

Oronoco Prairie SNA

Pembina Trail Preserve SNA, Crookston Prairie Unit

Pilot Knob

Pin Oak Prairie SNA

Pine Bend Bluffs SNA

Quarry Park SNA

Regal Meadow

Rice Lake Savanna SNA

Ripley Esker SNA

River Terrace Prairie SNA

Rockville County Park

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