Eastern Wood-peewee

(Contopus virens)

Conservation Status

IUCN Red List

LC - Least Concern


No Image Available


N5B - Secure Breeding

SNRB - Unranked Breeding


not listed


Common migrant and breeder


Open mixed and deciduous woodlands with a sparse understory, wood edges


6 to 6½ in length

10 wingspan












Late April to early October





Passeriformes (perching birds)



Tyrannidae (tyrant flycatchers)











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  Eastern Wood-Pewee
Allen Chartier
  Eastern Wood-Pewee  
  Eastern Wood-Pewee
Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren
  Eastern Wood-Pewee  
  Eastern Wood-Pewee
JMC Nature Photos
  Eastern Wood-Pewee  




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  Eastern Wood-Pewee in Maine
WIld Bird Video Productions

Published on Jun 19, 2012

Eastern Wood-Pewee are a fairly common flycatcher in deciduous forests in Maine. They often sit high up in a tree where they hunt for insects. They often return to the same perch as seen in this video. © 2012 Garth McElroy

License at http://www.paya.com/videos/143207

  Eastern Wood-Pewee (singing)
ManyBirds Channel by Malcolm Mark Swan

Published on Apr 1, 2012

This bird is singing from a high, bare branch at the edge of a forest to announce its territory to other competing males and potential mates. Other species of pewee do not say "pewee". This pewee is in the flycatcher taxonomic family, and it nests in the E United States and Canada. These birds migrate south of the United States in the fall because flying insects are harder to find in the winter,


  Eastern Wood-Pewee Portrait

Published on Sep 7, 2013

Filmed in June 2013 at Rondeau Park, Ontario.

  Eastern Wood Pe-wee.. 9/14/2013 watch in HD

Published on Sep 14, 2013

This species favors oak woodlands for nesting and continues to sing its distinctive three-noted song through nearly the entire summer. As is typical of this flycatcher only the female constructs the nest, which is usually on the same branch year after year. In one case a fork of an elm tree was used as a nest location by this species every year for 35 years, (Arthur Cleveland Bent 1942.)

Incubation is done by the female, but the male occasionally feeds her and remains near the nest to help feed the young when they hatch. Like the nest, the juveniles closely resemble the surrounding bark and lichens, and by the 15th to 18th day after hatching they are ready to leave the nest. They are probably dependent on the parents for food for some time after fledging, until they have become skilled in catching insects.

Birds of the Great Plains, Breeding Species and their Distribution..

Paul A. Johnsgard, 1979

  Eastern Wood Pewee
Gareth Ridout

Published on Sep 1, 2013

Right outside our kitchen window. I love to watch this one scanning the environs. MVI 6809

Sorry about the worthless sound (fan, refrigerator).





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