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These are locations in Minnesota where native plants, birds, and other wildlife can be viewed. With very few exceptions, these destinations are open to the public.

Visitors can share their own photos, videos, plant and wildlife sightings, and other observations.

  Crystal Lake (Burnsville)


  white doll’s daisy (var. recognita)

Native, naturalized, invasive, or simply planted—any plant growing outside of cultivation in Minnesota.

More than 800 plant pages include photos, a description, a multi-sourced distribution map, and a list of sites where the plant has been found.


Insects and Arachnids
  painted lady

Insects and arachnids found in Minnesota.

Species pages include photos, a description, a list of sightings by MinnesotaSeasons.com, visitor sightings, and distribution maps.

    Photo by Bill Reynolds

  plains pocket gopher

Birds and bears, snakes and squirrels, toads and turtles—wildlife found in Minnesota.

Wildlife pages include photos, a description, and a list of sightings, as well as distribution maps for amphibians, mammals, and reptiles.

    Photo by Kelly Blackledge

Fungi and Lichens

Elm Oyster

Lichens, mushrooms, and other fungi found in Minnesota.

Fungi and lichen pages include photos, a description, a list of sightings by MinnesotaSeasons.com, visitor sightings, and distribution maps.

    Photo by Kirk Nelson




Download free high resolution wallpapers (screen backgrounds). These are photos of destinations featured on MinnesotaSeasons.com. The wallpapers are grouped by ecological season. Each wallpaper is optimized for the screen resolutions used most often on desktops, laptops, and tablets.


Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area - Lawrence Unit













Autumnal Season


The autumnal ecological season, called fall in North America but autumn elsewhere, needs no explanation. It is that time when the landscape transitions from summer to winter. It follows the serotinal season (late summer) when leaves of deciduous trees and many forbs and grasses begin to change color, and precedes the the usually snow-blanketed hibernal season (winter). In Minnesota, the Autumnal season usually begins about September 15 and ends about November 1. In the Twin Cities metro area it typically arrives late September to early (north metro) to mid- (south metro) October. Deciduous leaves are in full fall color then turn brown and fall to the ground. Birds migrate back to wintering areas.

The advance of the season can be watched on the Minnesota DNR's Fall Color Finder Web page. The map displayed there is updated daily. The Autumnal season has arrived in those areas colored red (75–100%) and dark brown (past peak). The northwest corner is the first area in Minnesota to see peak fall colors each year.


Sheepberry Fen





















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western conifer seed bug

plains pocket gopher

Elm Oyster

bigtooth aspen


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white doll’s daisy (var. recognita)


white fir


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