Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve


Area and County

    Wright County
    Central Minnesota

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879 acres


Stanley Eddy North Park Map

Stanley Eddy South Park Map


North Unit
N45 14.356, W94 14.945

Middle Unit
N45 13.508, W94 13.902

South Unit, Southeast Parking Lot:
N45 13.693, W94 13.692

South Unit, Southwest Parking Lot:
N45 12.703, W94 14.443

Hiking Trails

North Unit: 4 miles

South Unit: 3.5 miles


No hunting

Ecological Classification Province  

Eastern Broadleaf Forest Province

Ecological Classification

Minnesota & NE Iowa Morainal


Big Woods

Land Type Association(s)

Maple Plain Moraine

Native Plant Communities1

Bog birch - Alder Shore Fen

Cattail - Sedge Marsh (Prairie)

Graminoid Poor Fen (Basin)

Meadow - Marsh - Fen -Swamp Complex

Poor Tamarack - Black Spruce Swamp

Red Oak - Sugar Maple - Basswood - (Bitternut Hickory) Forest

Sedge Meadow

Tamarack Swamp (Southern)



Wright County


Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve is the largest park in the Wright County park system. Its 879 acres are divided between three units. The North and South Units consist of forested rolling hills, small wetlands, and very little open area. The North Unit includes an unnamed lake, shoreline along Widmark and Pickerel Lakes, and 3½ miles of hiking/horse trails. The South Unit includes a scenic overlook and the highest point in Wright County, and 4 miles of hiking/horse trails. Park benches are conveniently located next to the trail after all steep climbs. The trails are marked but hikers on their first visit may benefit by printing and bringing the trail maps (see Maps above). Horses are not allowed on the trails between November and May. The distinctive call of Red-shouldered Hawks greets visitors in very early spring.








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North Unit

Park Entrance

  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve   Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve


  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve   Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve

Widmark Lake

  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve    

Red Oak - Sugar Maple - Basswood - (Bitternut Hickory) Forest

  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve   Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve
  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve    


  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve   Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve
  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve   Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve
South Unit

Southeast Park Entrance

  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve    

Southeast Parking Lot

  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve   Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve

Southwest Parking Lot

  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve    

Highest Elevation in Wright County

  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve    

Red Oak - Sugar Maple - Basswood - (Bitternut Hickory) Forest

  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve    

Cattail Marsh

  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve    


  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve   Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve
  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve    


  Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve    






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  Minnesota snowshoeing
James Gordon

Published on Feb 2, 2013

Snowshoeing Stanley Eddy south unit, Wright County Mn.




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boreal chorus frog (Pseudacris maculata)

boreal chorus frog


One bird species with conservation status in Minnesota has been seen here:


Special concern

Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus)


American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos)

Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapillus)

Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)

Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)

Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas)

Downy Woodpecker (Picoides pubescens)

Field Sparrow (Spizella pusilla)

Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus)

Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)

Nashville Warbler (Oreothlypis ruficapilla)

Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)

Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus)

Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus)

Red-bellied Woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus)

Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus)

Ring-necked Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)

Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Regulus calendula)

Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis)

Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia)

Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor)

Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)

White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis)

Wood Duck (Aix sponsa)

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius)

Yellow-rumped Warbler (Setophaga coronata)

Blue Jay

Canada Goose


Northern Cardinal

White-breasted Nuthatch

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Fungi and Lichens

Artist’s Conk (Ganoderma applanatum)

Birch Polypore (Fomitopsis betulina)

Black Knot (Apiosporina morbosa)

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)

False Tinder Fungus (Phellinus igniarius)

False Turkey Tail (Stereum ostrea)

Milk-white Toothed Polypore (Irpex lacteus)

narrow-headed sun fly (Helophilus fasciatus)

Phomopsis gall on hickory (Phomopsis spp.)

Scarlet Cup (Sarcoscypha austriaca)

Trametes pubescens

True Tinder Polypore (Fomes fomentarius)

Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)

Artist’s Conk

False Tinder Fungus

True Tinder Polypore

Insects and Arachnids

goldenrod gall fly (Eurosta solidaginis)

hoverfly (Helophilus fasciatus)

goldenrod gall fly


American red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)

eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)

whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

American red squirrel


Minnesota Biodiversity Atlas Plant List


Plants frequently found in:

Bog birch - Alder Shore Fen OPn81a

Cattail - Sedge Marsh (Prairie) MRp83a

Graminoid Poor Fen (Basin) APn91b

Poor Tamarack - Black Spruce Swamp APn81b

Red Oak - Sugar Maple - Basswood - (Bitternut Hickory) Forest MHs38c

Sedge Meadow WMn82b

Tamarack Swamp (Southern) FPs63a



American basswood (Tilia americana var. americana)

American dog violet (Viola labradorica)

American elm (Ulmus americana)

bigtooth aspen (Populus grandidentata)

bitternut hickory (Carya cordiformis)

black cherry (Prunus serotina var. serotina)

black-seeded plantain (Plantago rugelii var. rugelii)

bland sweet cicely (Osmorhiza claytonii)

bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)

boxelder (Acer negundo var. negundo)

Canada mayflower (Maianthemum canadense)

chokecherry (Prunus virginiana var. virginiana)

cleavers (Galium aparine)

common blue violet (Viola sororia)

common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale ssp. officinale)

common false Solomon’s seal (Maianthemum racemosum var. racemosum)

common motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca ssp. cardiaca)

common strawberry (Fragaria virginiana)

eastern false rue anemone (Enemion biternatum)

eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana var. virginiana)

fragrant bedstraw (Galium triflorum)

garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata)

greater duckweed (Spirodela polyrrhiza)

green ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea)

Howell’s pussy-toes (Antennaria howellii ssp. neodioica)

Indianpipe (Monotropa uniflora)

ironwood (Ostrya virginiana var. virginiana)

jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum)

kidney-leaved buttercup (Ranunculus abortivus)

large-flowered bellwort (Uvularia grandiflora)

long-beaked sedge (Carex sprengelii)

nodding trillium (Trillium cernuum)

northern hackberry (Celtis occidentalis)

northern pin oak (Quercus ellipsoidalis)

northern red oak (Quercus rubra)

paper birch (Betula papyrifera var. papyrifera)

Pennsylvania sedge (Carex pensylvanica)

puttyroot (Aplectrum hyemale)

red clover (Trifolium pratense)

red elderberry (Sambucus racemosa var. racemosa)

red osier dogwood (Cornus sericea ssp. sericea)

rue anemone (Thalictrum thalictroides)

staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina)

starry false Solomon’s seal (Maianthemum stellatum)

stinging nettle (Urtica dioica ssp. gracilis)

sugar maple (Acer saccharum ssp. saccharum)

tamarack (Larix laricina)

thyme-leaved speedwell (Veronica serpyllifolia)

Virginia waterleaf (Hydrophyllum virginianum var. virginianum)

Virginia wildrye (Elymus virginicus)

white clover (Trifolium repens)

white oak (Quercus alba)

wild ginger (Asarum canadense)

wild leek (Allium tricoccum)

wild oats (Uvularia sessilifolia)

wood anemone (Anemone quinquefolia var. quinquefolia)

yellow marsh marigold (Caltha palustris var. palustris)


Acer negundo var. negundo (boxelder)

Acer saccharum ssp. saccharum (sugar maple)

Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard)

Allium tricoccum (wild leek)

Anemone quinquefolia var. quinquefolia (wood anemone)

Antennaria howellii ssp. neodioica (Howell’s pussy-toes)

Aplectrum hyemale (puttyroot)

Arisaema triphyllum (jack-in-the-pulpit)

Asarum canadense (wild ginger)

Betula papyrifera var. papyrifera (paper birch)

Caltha palustris var. palustris (yellow marsh marigold)

Carex pensylvanica (Pennsylvania sedge)

Carex sprengelii (long-beaked sedge)

Carya cordiformis (bitternut hickory)

Celtis occidentalis (northern hackberry)

Cornus sericea ssp. sericea (red osier dogwood)

Elymus virginicus (Virginia wildrye)

Enemion biternatum (eastern false rue anemone)

Fragaria virginiana (common strawberry)

Fraxinus pennsylvanica (green ash)

Galium aparine (cleavers)

Galium triflorum (fragrant bedstraw)

Glechoma hederacea (ground ivy)

Hydrophyllum virginianum var. virginianum (Virginia waterleaf)

Juniperus virginiana var. virginiana (eastern redcedar)

Larix laricina (tamarack)

Leonurus cardiaca ssp. cardiaca (common motherwort)

Maianthemum canadense (Canada mayflower)

Maianthemum racemosum var. racemosum (common false Solomon’s seal)

Maianthemum stellatum (starry false Solomon’s seal)

Monotropa uniflora (Indianpipe)

Osmorhiza claytonii (bland sweet cicely)

Ostrya virginiana var. virginiana (ironwood)

Plantago rugelii var. rugelii (black-seeded plantain)

Populus grandidentata (bigtooth aspen)

Prunus serotina var. serotina (black cherry)

Prunus virginiana var. virginiana (chokecherry)

Quercus alba (white oak)

Quercus ellipsoidalis (northern pin oak)

Quercus rubra (northern red oak)

Ranunculus abortivus (kidney-leaved buttercup)

Rhus typhina (staghorn sumac)

Sambucus racemosa var. racemosa (red elderberry)

Sanguinaria canadensis (bloodroot)

Spirodela polyrrhiza (greater duckweed)

Taraxacum officinale ssp. officinale (common dandelion)

Thalictrum thalictroides (rue anemone)

Tilia americana var. americana (American basswood)

Trifolium pratense (red clover)

Trifolium repens (white clover)

Trillium cernuum (nodding trillium)

Ulmus americana (American elm)

Urtica dioica ssp. gracilis (stinging nettle)

Uvularia grandiflora (large-flowered bellwort)

Uvularia sessilifolia (wild oats)

Veronica serpyllifolia (thyme-leaved speedwell)

Viola labradorica (American dog violet)

Viola sororia (common blue violet)

black cherry


Canada mayflower

common blue violet

common strawberry

eastern false rue anemone

fragrant bedstraw

ground ivy


large-flowered bellwort


red clover

rue anemone

Virginia waterleaf

wood anemone

yellow marsh marigold




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